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GPI Quad Forum Launch

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or simply the Quad is a security grouping that
consists of India, the United States, Japan, and Australia. Conceptualized and
initiated in 2007, the Quad has re-emerged as one of the most critical groupings in a
post-pandemic world that is witnessing the rise of China and global power

To provoke and foster larger dialogue on the strategic relevance of the Quad, the GPI
Quad Forum organized its inaugural event on June 19, 2021.

The event featured some of the brightest minds on the Indo-Pacific discussing this
timely issue. We had the honor of having Professor Tomohiko Taniguchi
(Special Advisor to former PM Shinzo Abe), Ambassador Vishnu Prakash
(Former Indian Ambassador & Co-Chair, GPI Quad Forum), Ambassador
Thomas Hart Armbruster (US Ambassador to the Republic of Marshall Islands),
Mr. Arpit Chaturvedi (Director & Co-Chair, GPI Quad Forum), Dr. Shashank
Shekhar Shukla (Co-Chair, GPI Quad Forum and Political Analyst & Economist),
Dr. Satoru Nagao (Co-Chair, GPI Quad Forum & Non-Resident Fellow, Hudson
Institute), Mr. Justin Hartley (Co-Chair, GPI Quad Forum & Country Head,
Centre for Asia Leadership), Ms. Melissa Conley Tyler (Research Associate, Asia
Institute of the University of Melbourne), and Mr. Andi NS Kuncoro (Economist,
Fiscal Policy Analyst & Speechwriter for the Office of Finance Minister, Indonesia).

Launch Event- Part 1- Timeline

Keynote address by Prof Tomohiko Taniguchi- 7:48 to 33:04
Q&A between Ambassador Prakash & Professor Taniguchi- 33:04 to 55:20
Opening address by Ambassador Armbruster- 56:58 to 1:05:24

Launch Event- Part 2

Panel Discussion with all the guests


The Quad forum is an initiative of Global Policy Insights, a centrist policy institute, aimed at fostering dialogue and understanding around the Quad grouping of nations comprising of the United States, India, Japan and Australia. The “Quad Forum” will seek to answer pertinent questions about the Quad grouping such as the strategic relevance of Quad in the ongoing great power struggle between the United States and China as well as the future of Quad and its possible manifestations in the area of trade, diplomacy, culture and collective security.

What will the Quad Forum Do?

The forum will engage with eminent experts in the areas of diplomacy, trade, international relations and politics with the aim to add to the existing body of knowledge around the “Quad” through organizing discussion forums, speaker series, articles as well as publication of white papers. This with the aim of both informing as well as shaping the discussion around the “Quad.”


Satoru Nagao

Co-Chair, GPI QUAD Forum
Fellow (Non-Resident) at the Hudson Institute

Dr. Satoru Nagao is a fellow (non-resident) at Hudson Institute, based in Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Nagao has authored numerous books and articles on security issues, and he also contributes to the column, “Age of Japan-India ‘Alliance’” at Nikkei Business, the journal of one of Japan’s leading newspapers.


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