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The Prospects and Future of the Quadrilateral Security Grouping

Arpit Chaturvedi :

'The Prospects and Future of the Quadrilateral Security Grouping' was a session recorded from the Amplifying Her Voice: Stronger Together summit which took place June 22 - 24, 2021.

What are Amplifying Her Voice Events? The voices of women are often missing or underrepresented, while decisions are made affecting their health, financial wellbeing, economic security, and basic gender equity. From refugee communities to boardrooms where trillion-dollar investment decisions are made to the 75th United Nations General Assembly, women's voices are underrepresented and in many instances are not even present. Moreover, critical data and analytics needed to advocate correctly on our behalf are basically nonexistent. Gender equality is a moonshot when we live in a world where women's voices are not valued. The State of Women Institute posits that the solution starts with listening to women—to their experiences, expertise, and wisdom. Women from all walks of life, from all over the globe, from every generation come together to forge a better and brighter future. Our mission is to amplify the voices of women and girls through women-produced and widely accessible content. Check out the next Amplifying Her Voice summit in our global conference series and build connections and community across the world. Listen, learn, lean in, and whenever you feel called—stand up and speak out. Join us.

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